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Lead with the power of your brainwaves

To be on top of your game, whether it be for focused work, planning, stress control, decision making, problem solving, intuition, team building or just sleeping and relaxing, your brain has to be right on target with the right state of mind. Being in your zone is different with every task and it relies on producing the right amount of slow and fast brain wave activity with just the right power output. 
This is measurable and trainable. You can thus learn to be at your best by mastering your brain waves. And the door to the zone will open with ease every time. This science is called neurofeedback and its technologies have evolved tremendously in the last decade.
Today, every mm of your brain can be monitored live as you are coached by experts to reach the zone. One you produce the perfect brain harmonies, your brain learns how to reproduce them at will. By the same exercise, neurons that fire together in the targeted brain electrical circuits develop connections in between them in order for the electrical signal to pass more efficiently each time. 
This shapes the wiring of your brain to make leadership skills easier, more natural and way more fun.
The price includes a thorough brainwave evaluation, a detailed report, a personalized training plan based on your leadership goals and 10 trainings of 1.5 hour each with state of the art brain technologies and the most respected brain performance experts. Taxes and travel expenses are in extra.