The Anti-Depression Professional: Continuing Education and Certification: MODULE 7: Empowerment Through Passions and Feelings of Coherence

The Anti-Depression Professional: Continuing Education and Certification: MODULE 7: Empowerment Through Passions and Feelings of Coherence

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'' I help my client or patient to flourish by offering his passions to the world ''

Investing in one's passions is a source of happiness, self-discovery and achievement. These moments of happiness seem to reduce the worries and the stress and relativize the numerous challenges of the daily life. They often allow your client or patient to unify their strengths and to surpass themselves. Helping him to put his passions to the service of a better world can enable him to carve out a place of choice and value himself.

Stress research shows that the sense of coherence that is felt when you put a passion to good use can be a major factor of resilience in situations of great stress. What do studies tell us about this? What is the neurobiology that explains resilience and coherence? How to explain it to your client or patient to give him personal power, commitment and motivation?

How to help your client or patient better know his strengths and passions? Where to begin to help make it a path to fulfillment? How to guide him to use his passion for growth and enjoyment? How to use the tool "Healthy Brain" to follow his progress?

Duration: 5 to 10 hours in total, including online modules (videos, readings and tests) and in person.

Dates: Training in person, in Montreal, on Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 10:00 to noon.

Prerequisites: The online module must be completed before attending the in-person training.

Available online as of April 3, 2019. The purchase can be made in advance, but the content will be accessible to you from that date.


Francine Therrien, Ph.D., has spent ten years researching non-drug methods in the treatment of major depression at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Sherbrooke. Since 1990, she has been an active consultant in Organizational Health and the Prevention of Absenteism in the workplace. Since 2001, she has been acting as a private coach in neuroperformance for professional athletes and people looking for excellence, as well as as part of an integrative approach to mental and cognitive health.

She holds diplomas in Kinesiology (B.Sc.), Physical Education (B.Sc.), Global Health Kinesiology (M.Sc.), Clinical Research (Ph.D.), Naturopathy (N.D.), Ergonomics, Biofeedback, Heart Rate Variability, Neurofeedback (certified Mentor EEG-BCIA), Reconnective Healing (Level 3) and has numerous trainings in Anti-Aging Medicine, Neurocoaching and other complimentary approaches.

She has authored a book published in French: ‘’reConstruisez votre cerveau… pour être aux commandes de votre efficacité mentale et de votre pleine santé psychologique’’ (‘’Rebuild Your Brain… To Be in Command of Your Mental Efficiency and Total Mental Health’’) (Mento Communications Inc., 2012) and of the Public Speaking Talk ‘’Brain Ready for Work: Transformative Life Habits’’  (Optimum OHS, 2004).