Workshop Action # 6: I'm Learning How to Think to Move Forward

Workshop Action # 6: I'm Learning How to Think to Move Forward

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A large part of your thoughts are triggered by reflex habits. Unfortunately, they don’t always lead you to growth and happiness.

Forty years ago, psychiatrist David Burns demonstrated that depressed people have certain ways of thinking that make them anxious and depressed. By learning to think better, their depression faded for good.

Studies demonstrate that your inner speech directly influence your resistance to stress as well as your success. What pitfalls should you avoid so your thoughts don’t make you sick? What are the best strategies to start thinking differently? How to use the ''Healthy Brain'' tool to visualize your progress in the state of your thoughts?


Francine Therrien, Ph.D., has spent ten years researching non-drug methods in the treatment of major depression at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Sherbrooke. Since 1990, she has been an active consultant in Organizational Health and the Prevention of Absenteism. She has been active in private coaching as part of an integrative brain health and performance approach since 2001, namely in clinical settings and neurofeedback clinics.  

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