Workshop for Night Workers: Performance at Work, Good Sleep at Home

Workshop for Night Workers: Performance at Work, Good Sleep at Home

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This hands-on, two-hour, small-group workshop allows night workers to become familiar with tools that help them be more alert and productive at night and recover and sleep better during the day. Organized around a practical toolbox, the workshop focuses on the following topics:

- The importance of getting enough sleep and the amount of sleep required

- The signature of quality sleep and how to get it

- Sleep disorders: their nature, solutions and when to consult

- How to adjust one’s biological clock on the night shift rhythm

- How to maximize work productivity and sleep quality through the use a good environment, nutrition, exercise, light therapy and technologies

 Duration: 2 hours

Trainer: The workshop is given by Francine Therrien, Ph.D., N.D., Kinesiologist, Mentor Trainer BCIA-EEG. Ms. Therrien has been a trainer and organizational consultant in global health, ergonomics, work performance  and prevention of absenteeism since 1994. She specializes in the areas of intellectual performance and mental health.

She is a mental performance coach for CEOs and athletes among others. She also works in the field of recovery for mental health issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD and sleep disorders, offering a complimentary approach to medical and psychological treatments.

She’s an expert in developing a personalized brain optimization or recovery plan using one’s electroencephalogram (EEG) that helps in identifying brain areas of non optimal functioning, whether brain activity is too slow or too fast for these brain areas involved in specific mental tasks. She also uses biofeedback measurements and trainings, tailored physical exercise protocols like the ones she developed during her Ph.D. for academic excellence and the treatment of depression, nutrition, supplements, sleep optimization strategies, brain entrainment musics, mental exercises and others.

She’s the author of the book "Rebuild your brain ... to be in control of your mental efficiency and your full psychological health" and co-developer of the web and mobile application "The Anti Depression".